Side Street Studios is a network of 3 buildings in Woodstock, Cape Town - the area that has become the city’s unofficial heart of art and design. This project evolved as a result of working within the creative community and realizing that people desperately needed affordable studio space in the inner city. These once-derelict buildings have given new life, and are now home to both private studios, as well as cafés, shops, and galleries that are open to the public.

We provide tenants with affordable work-space in an environment that is conducive to innovation. We are not interested in shiny, clinical corporate studios. Instead, we are excited by raw ideas and people who are driven to create. Our tenants include artists & artisans, musicians, industrial designers, chefs, bibliophiles, dancers and fashion designers.

Side Street Studios provide surroundings that are playful, intelligent and inspiring. We thrive on the collaborations and connections that are formed within our network of buildings. Our studios are not “rooms for rent”, they are a context for ideas... Collectively, we aren’t re-treading well-worn routes. We want to explore the spaces in between - the Side Streets.

Woodstock | Cape Town

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Facebook - With over 50 creative-types working/living/making/building there is always something interesting going on. Our page is constantly updated by the familia, and is full of new developments.

Twitter - follow us @SideStStudios for current Woodstock news and updates on happenings in the area. Know about everything from public art, to parties, to exhibitions and spontaneous events.

Instagram - OnekCollection Art & Life in Cape Town.

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At the residency you will be kitted out with an awesome living space, including work space,wi-fi, fridge, washing machine,DSTV, a library of great books, air-condition and a pinball machine. during your stay you will get creative, connect with other artists and check out art and culture around Cape Town. At the end of your stay, you will leave us with selected pieces of your artwork, a non-monetary exchange for an amazing experience!